Kochi Castle Museum of History, where the people and history of Tosa meet

Treasures are shining and lighting the road to travel through the history of Tosa in the dark and quite space. Men and women of all age, their eyes glued to the exhibits.

“It is a fertile land that faces the Pacific Ocean on the south and is bounded on the north by the mountains of central Shikoku,” says a woman leading a group of visitors. “Let’s review the history of Tosa domain.”

“Wow…It was a 100 years ago!” an old woman says as they look at long Chronological table of Tosa history studiously. Continue reading Kochi Castle Museum of History, where the people and history of Tosa meet

Tosa-Korea between People

In a classroom in  the Sole Community Center in Kochi, my three students sit quietly trying to write their diary entries in Korean. While they write, I’m happily munching snacks. I have been teaching them for 8 months and they are making slow progress. After their work is finished, I listen to what Tsunoda-san has read and shake my head.

“No, in that kind of sentence, you have to use a different expression.” I explain.

“Oh, I see. “Neomu” can be used in here also!” Yamamoto-san claps her hands and replies. Continue reading Tosa-Korea between People

Railway in the Forest

The forgotten heritage of Umajimura

by Nakahi

When we arrive at this village, the rain welcomes us. Umaji-village is surrounded by a lot of mountains, and the weather changes easily. So we run into the town hall where we are soon surrounded by the comfortable smell of wood.

Mr. Kiyooka, the interviewee that we asked about many information in Umaji, took us willingly. He is a man who has worked in the town hall of Umaji for a long time, and works for the people living there. He said, “the young in Umaji are not interested in the railways in the forest, actually,” and laughed. But his eyes looked sad to me, a little. And he started to tell us the history of the railway in the forest… Continue reading Railway in the Forest