Juku: Shaping Attitudes for Life

Sitting at a long table, a woman in her fifties is checking children’s answers. Her hand draws a lot of red circles quickly on student’s papers. Elementary school pupils are studying at a few tables in a small room.

“There’s no room for me to be senile,” says Naoko Machida, a teacher at the Gakken Kyoshitsu juku, “I have to study hard to teach children, you know?”

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Umajimura Ryugaku

by Natsuki

Arriving in Umaji village, we can breathe the clean air. This village is surrounded by trees, we find the sign of Umaji village. We feel our souls healed and we have been here before somehow.

Despite the excitement we have, we have a little fear at the same time. There is no one we can see from our car. Where are the people of this village? Are we going to interview animals? We are getting nervous. Driving through the arch of trees, we find Umaji village office.

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