Welcome to the “Manga Kingdom” of Kochi!

All across Japan, about 1,500 high school students are making their pens fly across the page in order to qualify for the national Manga competition. They try to describe something with picture and words based on a theme. Some students draw a girl who is going home, the other students draw an apartment. They have a same theme, but their Manga are completely different. 

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A Little Journey to Ekin

It’s one in the afternoon in the Ekin Museum called “Ekinkura” in Akaoka city. A woman in the museum says to me, “Watch your step. This way, please.” She passes me a paper lantern. When I turn on its switch, in the darkness, a blazing red color called “Chiaka” spreads out as far as the eye can see. Some look of pain on her face and there is bleeding from her lip, others are crying with laughter. They all have a lot of energy which seem just about to start moving or come from out of the darkness. And when I bring a paper lantern close to them, I suddenly notice that they are on the planar painting on a folding screen. “Wow! This is Ekin’s works!!” I’m here alone, but the words just jumped out of my mouth. I come here to learn about Ekin’s life, however, I become absorbed by Ekin’s fantastic works as I almost forget my central aim. Continue reading A Little Journey to Ekin