Dining Sala

SALA is a cafe in Shinohara, Nankoku city.

The menu includes Italian and Japanese foods. For example, pasta, omelets containing fried rice, hamburger steak, bowls of rice with different toppings.  The lunch menu changes every day. Servings are generous and also, the drink menu is extensive. Outside and interior decorations are very nice. The shop is surrounded by bamboo and inside the sofas are soft, so you can relax. Atmosphere is very fashionable, relaxing and modern. It’s good for couples, group of friends and because there is a kids menu , it’s good for families. But in afternoons it always congested. Therefore,  probably you have to wait for a long time to get served. In addition, the dishes are a little plain. But coffee is very well presented and tastes good.

  • Address: 131-1 Shinohara, Nankoku City, Kochi prefecture.
  •  Tel number: 088-863-1188
  •  Parking: 40 spaces
  •  Shop hours: 11:00~23:00
  •  Regular holiday : Tuesday
  •  Capacity : 20 tables /52  people
  •  Average price :¥880~1,999



TORIDEN is a chicken restaurant at Honmachi near Kochi castle. It is large and has the appearance of an Izakaya. It is near to the business district so it is very popular for office workers in the daytime. It is very crowded at lunchtime and you cannot eat if you do not line up. Most of customers eat the set meal that is a very cheap, plentiful and delicious . At night, many people eat the dinner menu such as a “charcoal fire barbecued chicken”. The atmosphere of the restaurant is lively  at noon and is like an Izakaya at night. There is no special lunch for children, so it is not good for small children.

  • Address: 4-4-49-1F, Honnmati, Kochi city
  •  Tel no: 088-875-1105
  •  Opening hours: 11:00~14:00, 17:00~23:00

Pasta Restaurant Hachinomori

Pasta Café HACHINOMORI is a restaurant housed in a modern building built of red brick. The main menu is based on pasta dishes and there are chicken dishes, pizzas, drinks and desserts, too. Capacity is 25 tables, seating 80 people. The seats are divided into smoking and no-smoking. The prices are inexpensive, averaging about ¥1,000~1,500 per person. The atmosphere is quiet and relaxed. Sometimes, when the restaurant is busy, the waitresses have few smiles. But service is good. When the restaurant is crowded, we have to wait about 20~30 minutes. All the same the dishes are very delicious. Pasta Café HATINOMORI is worth going to!

  • Address: 3-6 Houei town, Kochi city 〒780-0818
  •  Tel no: 088-885-3183
  •  Opening hours: AM8:00~PM10:00
  • Open everyday (excluding the end of the year and the beginning of the year)
  • Capacity: 80 people



Mandaraya is a Chinese restaurant. There are many kind of Chinese dishes, for example chaofan (fried rice), ebi-mayo (shrimp fried in mayonnaise), and so on.

Hayai-tei (The fast lunch) is famous at Mandaraya. As the name suggests, it is served very fast, in about one minute. And you can have a number of extra helping of chaofan. Hayai-tei is a very popular lunch for students, worker. The price on average is about 1,000 yen.

Mandaraya is a large space which can accomodate 120 people. There are two parking spaces.


Ranya Nicotte is kind of soup curry and cake restaurant, popular with women. The menu is Japanese style curry and café style dishes plus cakes and drinks. Soup curry is a thin soup with big slices of vegetable in it, which first appeared in Hokkaido. Rice is not included as with other Japanese style curry, although rice and curry is another choice.

There is a set menu. (Single dish, dish plus drink, or dish plus drink and cake.) You can choose size of rice portion and type of rice (butter rice, plain rice) or noodles.

Cakes are all handmade and exquisitely designed.

Customers are mostly women and girls, aged from 10 to 40. The décor is light, based on a white theme. It has big windows and the tables are made of untreated wood. There are many accessories and kitchen items. There is also a drink bar.

The atmosphere is relaxed and composed. However, service is not so quick, because the soup curry is made to order.

There is no childrens menu, but it does have seats suitable for children.

  • Shop address: 1F Aoyama Building, 6-14-1 Takasu Shinmachi, Kochi City. Nearest station is Takasu station.
  • Phone number: 088-855-7117
  • Business hours: 11:00~20:30. Last order at 20:00.
  • Holiday: every Thursday.
  • Capacity: 40 people.

Dining SALA

Dining SALA is a restaurant with a cozy, ambient feel. It is popular with families, friends, and sweethearts. The restaurant can be used also for events, such as birthdays and memorial days.

The store has very popular lunch set. Before opening, many people are waiting in front of the store, and it quickly fills up. Especially at lunchtimes it is extremely popular with housewives. The prices are also good. The price of lunch set is only 880 yen. Two kinds of set lunch can be chosen – meat or fish. Dessert is also included. For 880 yen, lunch portions are large.

At night the restaurant is lit up and it becomes a dinner venue. At night, it is recommended for couples,  as it has an ideal atmosphere for a date.

  • Address: 131-1 Shinohara, Nangoku City, Kochi
  • Tel no: 088-863-1188
  • Opening hours: 11:00a.m – 11:00p.m (Last order 10:00p.m)
  • Capacity: 52 people


Ajinokoyomi sells a variety of Japanese, Chinese, French and other Western dishes and creative dishes. Examples are deep fried tofu, gyoza, and pasta.The most popular dishes are beef stew and raw spring rolls,herb-flavored grilled lobster! It is most crowded between 19:00~21:00.Wating staff are mostly young and they offer good service.The atmosphere is quiet and cozy and is popular among women. However the restaurant is difficult to find, and a little expensive for students. Also there is no parking.

  • Address: Winds Estate 1F,Nijudaimachi 5-1,Kochi city, Kochi. (2 minutes’ walk from Louis Vuitton.)
  • Tel No: 088-823-7833.
  • Style: Japanese ,French ,Chinese ,Western dishes and fusion dishes.
  • Business hours: 17:00~24:00. Regular holiday is Wednesday.
  • Average price per person: 3,500 yen.
  • Capacity: 70 seat (18 seats are in private room)
  • All seats are smoking seats.
  • Children welcome.

Mr Donut

Mr Donut is a BOSTON style café, although there are a few Chinese dishes on the menu. It sells mostly donuts, coffee, and Chinese noodles.

Everyone from old people to young people go there. On ordinary days is quiet and relaxed, but on holidays is busy and bustling. Because service is very quick, you can eat immediately. There are two chairs for children and the kids menu has a great variety.

The new menu is now available! One item is powdered green tea with jelly. There are two flavors – milk or black honey. The aroma of the powdered green tea is very good. It has a very congenial taste!

Pon de Ring is a favorite with children. The aroma of honey is very good!

  • OPEN: 09:00a.m~10:00pm
  • TEL: 088-823-0028
  • CAPACITY: 40people
  • HOLIDAY: Open 7 days a week

Palace Hotel EZE

EZE is a natural all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant serving vegetables. This store has many seats and it is possible to hold a party there. As it is in the central part of a town, it is easy to find it.

Inside of the shop the atmosphere is peaceful and decor is fashionable. All dishes are served buffet style. There are various dishes, such as rice salad, carpaccio of fresh fish, omelets of summer vegetables, summer vegetable curry, and Margherita pizza. There are many dishes consisting mainly of vegetables and fish, and they use locally grown products, so all dishes use things from Kochi. Desserts are also abundant and there are tarts, chiffon cake, shortcake, mousse, etc. The buffet menu changes every month so does not become boring.

  • Address:Kochi, Nijudaichi 1-18
  • Tel no: 088-821-0210
  •  Opening hours: 7:00-10:00am , 11:00am-15:00pm, 17:00-22:00pm
  •  Capacity: 100 seats



RANYANIKOTTO is an original soup curry restaurant. Soup curry is a style of Japanese curry. It serves a lot of kinds of soup curry and desserts. RANYANIKOTTO soup curries are very healthy. They don’t use meat very much, but use many kinds of vegetables. You can choose quantity of rice and the kind of rice (brown rice or butter rice), but the price is always the same. Desserts are nicely prepared. They use natural eggs produced by chickens fed with quality feed. It has a natural and trendy atmosphere. Menu is handmade, so very nicely designed. There are many women and couples among the clientele. At lunchtime on holidays, clientele is just about only women. They spend a lot of time talking, so it isn’t suitable for children. The service is slow as it takes long time to cook soup curry.

  • Address: 1-14-6 TAKASUSHINMACHI Kochi City, Kochi prefecture.
  • Open: 11:00
  • Close: 20:30
  • Tel: 088-855-7117
  • Regular holiday : Tue
  • Transport : 29m south from TAKASU station.
  • Parking spaces :3
  • Average price: ¥1,000~1,999