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Make a summary map of the following article: World’s Smallest Frogs Discovered in New Guine

Amenbo: Gerridae

Gerridae Aquarius paludum paludum, which have long legs for living a life on the water, includes Hemiotera Gerridae. In Japanese, … More

Mokkoku: Japanese Cleyera

Mokkoku is Japanese name and scientific name is Ternstroemia gymnanthera (Wright et Arn.) Sprague. This tree is evergreen high tree … More

Shyazikumo: Chara buraunii

There are very many creatures, amphibians, insects, microbes, water-weed and algae, in the common rice field in Japan. Do you … More

Hato: Pigeon

The birds have the scientific name Columbidae. Columbidae is called “Pigeon” in English, and it is called “Hato” in Japanese. … More